Baccarat Live Dealer Games

Live dealer baccarat is a number one game in Asian countries, which is a bit surprising since it originated in France. Baccarat is a fast-paced game with easy to understand rules that are basically the same in many game variations, no matter the developer.

How to play online live baccarat

On selecting a platform and your preferred table, you will enter the game that displays the dealer sitting at the marked baccarat table. The standard bets are Player, Banker and Tie, and you are invited to place a bet on any of these. When the betting time expires, the dealer deals two cards on both the Player and the Banker sectors.

After the two cards are dealt to the Player and the Banker, the total score of both hands is counted. Aces worth one point, face cards and tens are counted as 0, and all other cards (2 to 9) are counted at their face values. For example, an 8 and a 4 make up 12 points; however, in live online baccarat, all double-digit numbers are reduced by removing the first digit, so in the example above, the point total would be 2, not 12. If either the Player’s or Banker’s hand has 8 or 9 points, this is called the Natural win, and the hand with the highest “natural” score wins the round, with no further dealing.

If neither hand scores 8 or 9 points, the third card is dealt to the player and/or the dealer. The decision on when to draw the third card depends on the rules established for the live online baccarat you are playing. Once the third card is dealt, the hand scoring closer to 9 wins. In order to win, the wager you placed must be on the winning sector (Player, Banker or Tie).

The payouts are 1:1 on Player and Banker. However, the winning bet on the Banker is paid net of 5% commission, so an actual payoff on the Banker is reduced to 0.95:1. The winning Tie pays 8:1 (or 9:1 in some rule variations).

Every live dealer baccarat reviewed on this website features four or even five types of scoreboards (often called roadmaps) for tracking the outcome of all rounds played within the current card shoe.

Live baccarat variants

Virtually all providers of live casino software release the classic baccarat known as Punto Banco, and this baccarat variant follows the foregoing rules. Along with the classic game, some developers offer Super 6 baccarat that applies no commission on Banker wins but pays 0.5:1 if the Banker cards score 6. Some live baccarat games feature optional side bets such as Pairs, Dragon Bonus or Big/Small, all having different odds and payouts.

The house edge for a classic 8-deck baccarat is 1.06% (Banker bet), 1.24% (Player bet) and 14.36% (Tie bet), therefore, counterintuitive though it may be, the general advice is to bet on Banker.

Cross-platform compatibility of live baccarat

Mobile-friendliness of any given live baccarat is determined by mobile compatibility of the software platform the baccarat is part of. The solutions produced by Extreme Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and some other leading companies are fully supported by iOS/Android devices, providing a trouble-free gaming experience.