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Bac Bo Baccarat
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Bac Bo Baccarat live Table Game by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $1 - $25,000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Portuguese
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, USA
🎲 Game type: Table game, Baccarat
💵 RTP: 98.87%

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Bac Bo Baccarat live Table Game by evolution Review

The online gambling industry is constantly growing while expanding the range of live casino games. Live dealer games have recently captured the public’s interest and gained popularity among gamblers, thanks to their authenticity and the real casino gambling feeling they offer players. These games combine the best of both worlds (land-based and online), allowing you to actively engage in the gameplay while still savouring the comfort and convenience of online gambling. In this regard, Evolution has established itself as the true leader of creativity and ambition, with Bac Bo baccarat being among its most popular live dealer games. 

The game is rewarding and exciting, combining some of Sic Bo’s gaming mechanics and the traditional baccarat game. It’s another exhilarating title from Evolution, giving players a chance to receive enormous payouts of up to 88x their bet amount. This review will provide a detailed overview of Bac Bo baccarat, its user interface, rules and gameplay, house edge, RTP, and payouts. Furthermore, the article will provide tips and highlight popular betting strategies to improve your winning odds.

About Bac Bo Baccarat

Bac Bo is another unique live casino product and the world’s first creation from Evolution. The game adds a twist to the popular classic game (baccarat), creating something entirely distinct with an entertaining gambling experience. Generally, baccarat is a game of chance where players are required to bet on the hand with a total point value of two or three cards closest to 9. Although Bac Bo is played similarly to traditional baccarat, the game blends a few gameplay features of the classic live Sic Bo game, giving players the visual excitement of a dice game. Simply put, live Bac Bo is played with dice instead of cards and offers players the stylish flow and thrill of a ‘come from behind win’, a trait that has made baccarat so popular among low-budget and high-roller players.

Thus, Evolution’s Bac Bo is essentially a simpler version of the company’s popular classic baccarat, with the Player’s and the Banker’s scores made up of the sum of two dice for each hand, automatically shaken in four individual shakers, i.e., the Player and the Banker roll their pair of dice, and the numbers that appear on top of each hand’s dice are added together to give the final score. After tallying, the hand with the highest two-dice total wins. If the dice totals for both hands are the same, the round ends in a Tie, which offers massive payouts ranging between 4:1 and 88:1.

Evolution’s live Bac Bo game interface

As mentioned earlier, Bac Bo is a hybrid live dealer game that fuses some fundamental elements of Baccarat and Sic Bo. Therefore, it’s a game that prides itself on simplicity and provides players with a traditional gambling experience through its easy-to-use and welcoming game interface.

Live video feed

Whether you’re accessing the game through the desktop site or mobile casino, a live video feed from Evolution’s studios is fixed on the screen. The game is usually presented on a beautiful Asian-themed background with a mix of green and gold colours seeping through the game’s layout. In addition, the Bac Bo live game is streamed in HD quality, but like all of Evolution’s products, the video quality automatically adjusts depending on the stability of your internet connection. 

If you wish, you can turn off the auto-adjust feature through the game settings, allowing you to manually modify the video quality settings between HD, High, and Medium. Players can also switch from an up-close view of the feed to full-screen mode during gameplay, allowing you to follow every dice shake with an extra dimension. Furthermore, under the settings button, players can hide other players’ chats, show or hide the game statistics, and adjust the master volume, studio sound and game effects.

Table layout

A highly trained real-life dealer dressed in Asian attire to match the theme sits behind a giant bean-shaped table with a beige tablecloth and a green-coloured edge. Four individual automatic shakers (two for each hand) are evenly placed on the gaming table’s surface, with a single dice in each holder. A golden sphere-shaped button for submerging the shakers once a round has begun is placed on the table’s edge, right in front of the game host. During the betting phase, the whole table layout and studio setting are shown, and once the time is over, the camera focus turns to the dice shakers, giving a close-up view of the real action until the last shaker stops and springs up the dice. Notably, the Player’s dice are coloured blue, and the Banker’s are red.

Betting area

A dedicated betting area with a standard baccarat layout is displayed on the screen’s bottom section, representing all allowed bet types. The betting board is usually divided into three sections, one for each of the three main bets, i.e., Player, Banker, and Tie. Like the dice, the Player’s betting section is coloured blue while the Banker’s and the Tie fields are red and gold, respectively. In addition, the respective payouts for each bet are labelled inside the areas alongside dice spaces, two on the Player’s side and two on the Banker’s.

During the betting period, a display of live betting statistics informing you of how many players (in numbers and percentages) are wagering on which option in every round, and the cash amount of bets placed (in US dollars in our case), are shown inside each of the three betting sections. In addition, the main betting board switches its position to give room for numerous betting chips with various denominations to be displayed. You’ll be required to place your bets using the multi-coloured chips displayed at the bottom of the main betting grid.

Betting features

Moreover, a Repeat button beside the chips allows you to place your exact previous bets in the current round, and the Double x2 will enable you to double your current betting amount up to the maximum limit. Please note that the Repeat button is only available before you place your first chip, and you must have a sufficient bankroll to double your wagers. You can also use the Undo button, which allows you to remove the last bet you placed. You can click this button repeatedly to eliminate bets in the reverse order they were placed or clear all your current bets by holding the Undo button.

Bet limits and other features

Whether you’re playing in a fiat or crypto casino, the table’s bet limits are pinned on the display’s top section, with the minimum allowed wagering amount being $1 and the maximum being $1000 per game round or the equivalent in bitcoin for crypto players. A display of your current account balance and a Total Bet indicator showing the total bet amount you’ve placed in the current round is also pinned at the bottom left of the screen. During gameplay, you’ll see live Bac Bo statistics with the total number of winning players scrolling up on the left side of the feed and their respective winning amounts.

Notably, there’s a live chat window right below the bet limits feature where you can type your messages to other players or questions to the game presenter, creating a more socially immersive and engaging gambling experience. Furthermore, a help menu with all the game info, including the game rules, payouts, RTP, scorecards, etc., is displayed on the top right of the screen. Finally, next to the help menu is a display of your game history with all the details, such as date, game number, bet amount, and whether the round ended as a win or a loss.

Scorecard and roadmap grid

On the betting layout’s left side is a pictorial representation of all the winning bets in the previous rounds. Usually, the results are displayed as P, B, or T, but you can change the content to Chinese or the winning value of each round by clicking on the scorecard. All scoreboards display results for the most recent 126-131 game rounds. You can also see live game statistics on the right side of the betting grid, shown in percentages for the winning bet type in the most recent 50 rounds.

Moreover, on the right side of the betting board is a display of different roadmaps and a Road Probing table on top of the roadmap. This table helps players predict the following round results, showing the streaks and trends in the Big Eye Boy, Small Road, and Cockroach Road if either Player or Banker outcome is added. You can press the Ask Player (P?) button to see if the subsequent result is a Player win or the Ask Banker (B?) button to see how the roads will look if the next outcome is a Banker win. You should note that the symbols on the buttons represent the actual last symbol in each derived road.

Bac Bo baccarat roadmaps

Live Bac Bo baccarat roadmaps refer to the different visual representations of the previously played real money rounds. These roadmaps are essential tools for players because they help them quickly spot and assess the game’s history, identify trends, and attempt to predict future outcomes. A live Evolution Bac Bo statistical roadmap begins when the first game round starts and continues for the next 126-131 rounds. 

Unlike traditional baccarat roadmaps, where all the current data is usually cleared and reset after the last hand in a shoe is dealt, Bac Bo baccarat roadmap’s data is continuously updated as the dice are rolled. During real money gameplay, the roadmaps are usually displayed on scorecards or an electronic display board on both sides of the betting layout. There are various Bac Bo live game roadmaps, each with its unique symbols and patterns. Below are the available roadmaps in Evolution’s live Bac Bo title.

Bead Road

This is a scorecard with a comprehensive visual record of all the previous game round outcomes in a live Bac Bo table. The Bead Road acts as an exact visual representation of the game’s progress, capturing the results sequence and allowing players to identify the dominance of particular outcomes and patterns quickly. The Player, Banker, and Tie results are displayed in individual cells on the scoreboard. During real money gameplay, a new column is started once the preceding column has been filled, regardless of the round’s outcome. 

Notably, when the game round begins, the earliest round result is recorded in the upper left corner of the grid, and the road is filled downwards through all six cells of the column and continues in the next column to the right. The symbols used in this roadmap are colour-filled circles marked with letters (P, B, and T) or Chinese symbols representing the particular result or digits corresponding to the points totals of the winning bet. Similar to the dice colours, the blue circle represents a Player win, whereas the red and golden circles represent Banker and Tie wins, respectively.

Big Road

This is the main roadmap which all other roads are created from. The Big Road is usually a scorecard with six rows and unlimited columns. Whether it’s a Player or Banker win, the earliest round winning result is displayed on the upper left box of the grid during gameplay. Suppose the second winning outcome is the same as the first. In this case, the outcome is filled under the first result, and the process continues throughout the game until there’s a different winning bet type. 

When a different side wins, a new column to the right representing the winning outcome is started. Therefore, the Big Road is typically a series of columns of alternating hollow circles, with a minimum height of one ring and no maximum height. As a result, the Big Road columns make it clear when the winning side changes, giving players insights into the game trends and patterns and helping them make informed betting decisions. A blue circle represents the Player’s bet win, whereas a red one represents a Banker’s win.

However, unlike the Player and Banker win, a Tie outcome is not filled in a separate cell on the chart. Instead, it’s simply filled as a golden line that cuts across the most recently drawn circle or outcome. If there are multiple Tie wins during gameplay, a small number corresponding to the number of Ties is shown next to the golden line. Suppose a Tie win happens before a Player’s or Banker’s bet wins. In that case, the golden line will be drawn in the upper left cell on the scorecard, and when the Player or Banker wins a round, the circle will be drawn in the same cell around the golden line.

Dragon’s tail

On the other hand, suppose there are more than six wins in a row (either Player or Banker). In that case, the scorecard will reach its vertical space limit, and the streak’s outcome will immediately turn right and continue being recorded along the bottom row, creating a well-known pattern referred to as “the dragon tail” by baccarat players. Like in a standard live baccarat game, some players use the dragon tail as a betting strategy (follow the dragon), believing the more extended the tail, the better the winning odds. Moreover, suppose a string of successive wins of the same bet (Player or Banker) comes across a dragon on the bottom row. In that case, it’ll immediately turn right (regardless of the row it’s in) and form its dragon, a scenario known as a “double dragon.”

Derived Roads

As the name suggests, these are roads generated from the Big Road and display the numerous patterns in Big Road. Nevertheless, you should note that derived roads do not tell you exactly what happened. Instead, they tell you whether there were trends in what happened. Thus, derived roads are commonly known as predictive roads for Bac Bo baccarat fanatics.

Notably, there are three different derived roads, each displaying slightly different patterns. These include Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. These roads are usually drawn using red and blue symbols with outlined or hollow circles representing the Big Eye Road, solid circles for the Small Road, and slashes for the Cockroach Road. However, the red and blue colours in these derived roads don’t correspond to Banker or Player wins, and there’s no way to identify Ties. Instead, a red entry indicates that there’s a repeating pattern, whereas a blue entry shows that there are more uneven (choppy) game results.

In addition to each derived road representing the game results using a distinct pattern, the roads are also different regarding displaying the starting point and the results scored in the Big Road. For instance, for the Big Eye Road, the second outcome is shown in the second column, whereas for the Small Road and Cockroach Road, the second result is displayed in the third and fourth columns, respectively. Luckily, there’s a zoom-in and zoom-out function in Evolution’s Bac Bo baccarat, which you can use to get a close-up view of the data by clicking on any of the derived roads.

Rules of Bac Bo Baccarat

Just like in a classic real money live baccarat game, Bac Bo baccarat features straightforward rules that are easy to understand and implement. Fortunately, when playing in a baccarat Bac Bo table virtually, there’s no limit on the number of participating players. Therefore, you get to play against other online players from across the world through your desktop or mobile device. Nevertheless, the gameplay rules remain the same regardless of the number of players in the game.

As mentioned earlier, the game is played with four dice instead of cards. There are two dice for each hand (Player and Banker), with the blue-coloured dice representing the Player’s side and the red-coloured ones representing the Banker’s side. Each dice is placed in an individual shaker on the betting table, and the game’s primary objective is for you to predict which hand will win by having the highest two-dice total. Generally, the game features only three main betting options, with the most common being Player and Banker. Therefore, whether in a low-budget or high-roller online casino, players are required to place bets on which hand they believe will win during a real money game round, i.e., the Player’s or the Banker’s hand.

Moreover, participating players can also bet on a tie result between the Player’s and the Banker’s hand, which usually pays out at a higher rate than the other two bets (often between 4:1 and 88:1), but this depends on the two-dice total. Unlike traditional baccarat, Bac Bo baccarat has no side bets, making it an ideal game for inexperienced players.

How to play baccarat Bac Bo

To begin with, we recommend you choose an online casino that best caters to your gambling needs, including an attractive welcome live casino bonus, a broad range of banking methods, such as fiat and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, effective customer support options, such as live chat and toll-free phone numbers, etc., and sign up for a player account. 

Once you have registered for an account, deposit funds into your casino account and proceed to the live casino section, where you’ll find numerous baccarat titles. Please select Evolution’s Bac Bo baccarat and launch the game. If you find a Bac Bo live game round going on, you should wait for the next betting period to start.

To begin playing for real money, players are required to place their desired bets within the assigned period (usually 15 seconds). Therefore, all interested players must select a chip with the corresponding value and place it on the betting layout’s designated field (Player, Banker, or Tie). Please note that only chips of denominations your current bankroll can cover will be activated. Once you select a chip and place it on your preferred bet spot on the table, you can increase your bet amount by clicking the bet spot continuously until you hit your desired amount or the maximum bet limit. 

Additionally, in the immersive view mode, the displayed timer informs you of the betting duration, whereas in the classic view, the traffic lights indicate the current status in a game round by notifying you when you can bet with a green light, yellow light for when the betting time is almost over, and red light once the time expires.

Dice shake

During the set betting period, the live dealer will press the golden button before them, simultaneously turning on all dice shakers. After the assigned betting period is over, all bets will be closed, and the host will swipe their hand across the table, prompting the dice shakers to stop vibrating at different intervals. The Player’s first dice usually comes to rest first, followed by the Banker’s first dice. 

The first dice results are displayed on the screen on each side’s box, and whichever side with the highest value is prioritised to stop their second dice. On the other hand, if the first Player’s and Banker’s dice are of equal value, the Player’s second dice shaker will be the first to stop. Afterwards, when all the shakers have come to rest, the final result is again displayed on the fields of each betting option, and the hand with the highest two dice total wins. Please note that all winning bets are paid out according to the paytable.

Live Bac Bo baccarat house edge

House edge refers to the statistical advantage that a casino (land-based or online) holds over the player in any particular game. It’s usually expressed as a percentage, indicating the average amount of every bet the casino will likely retain as profit, i.e., the house edge is an operator’s built-in advantage to ensure profitability. It’s a way for the casino to cover costs and profit from the bets placed by participating players. Please note that these percentages are not exact predictions for each bet but statistical averages based on many bets.

For instance, in a live Evolution Bac Bo baccarat game, the house edge for the Player and Banker bets is 1.13%, whereas the Tie bet offers a 4.48% house edge, indicating that it’s a risky bet. Simply put, for every 100 US dollars wagered on Bac Bo baccarat, the player can expect to lose an average of USD 1.13 on Player and Banker bets and USD 4.48 on a Tie bet over the long run.

Evolution’s Bac Bo baccarat payouts

Whether you’re playing on a desktop or mobile casino, live dealer Bac Bo baccarat offers a slightly lower RTP than a standard live baccarat game. Evolution’s live Bac Bo game features an RTP percentage range of 95.52% and 98.87%, depending on the betting option. Nevertheless, the optimal theoretical live Bac Bo baccarat RTP (return to player) percentage for the Player and Banker bets is 98.87% and 95.52% for the Tie bet.

On the other hand, the Bac Bo baccarat payouts also differ depending on the bet type. For instance, a winning Player and Banker bet will each receive a 1:1 payout. The payout for the Tie bet is usually much higher than the other two bets, depending on the total value of the dice roll.

  • If the total Tie outcome is 2 or 12, the payout is 88:1.
  • If the total Tie outcome is 3 or 11, the payout is 25:1.
  • If the total Tie outcome is 4 or 10, the payout is 10:1.
  • If the total Tie outcome is 5 or 9, the payout is 6:1.
  • If the total Tie outcome is 6, 7, or 8, the payout is 4:1.

Notably, if there’s a Tie outcome, all Player and Banker bets (90% of the player’s initial bet) are returned to the players.

Live Bac Bo baccarat tips

Although Bac Bo baccarat has pretty straightforward rules and simple gameplay, there are a few factors that you should consider before joining a real money table and risking your hard-earned money if you are inexperienced in gambling. These aspects can enhance your overall Bac Bo gaming experience and maximise your odds of having a successful and entertaining gambling session.

  • Understand the game: To begin with, before you start playing for real money, you should ensure you understand the game rules, accepted bet types, and payouts. Familiarising yourself with Bac Bo baccarat will help you know how the game works, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Start with small bets: To maximise fun while minimising the risk of losing a significant amount, we highly recommend always betting the smallest possible amount of your funds. This allows you to manage your bankroll wisely by placing affordable bet amounts during your gambling session. You should avoid betting more than you can afford to lose and gamble responsibly.
  • Avoid the Tie bet: Although the Tie bet usually features the highest payout odds in Bac Bo baccarat, it also comes with a significantly higher house edge of 4.48%. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid it, especially for low-budget players, since the Tie bet is considered riskier than the Player and Banker bets.
  • Avoid chasing losses: Getting caught up in the game is easy, especially if you’re on a losing streak. Therefore, we recommend you take a break during such situations and step away for a while, as it will help you stay focused and make better gambling decisions.
  • Set winning and losing limits: For an effective gambling session, you should always set a winning and losing limit before you start playing for real money, i.e., if you reach your set winning amount, you should consider cashing out, and if you hit your losing limit you should stop and avoid further losses.

Live Bac Bo baccarat strategies

Although Bac Bo is primarily a game of luck like standard baccarat, gambling experts have formulated various betting strategies to offer structure by instilling discipline and potentially minimising losses to the maximum extent possible. Nevertheless, you should note that no foolproof system can alter the results or guarantee consistent wins in the long run since Bac Bo’s outcome is unpredictable. However, these betting techniques can be applied, allowing you to manage your bets and potentially increase your winnings in Evolution’s live Bac Bo baccarat table.


This is a positive progression system in which you increase your bet amount after every win and keep it the same after every loss. For instance, when playing using the Paroli approach, you begin by placing a small wager, and if you win the first bet, double your stake on the subsequent round. You can continue this process for up to three consecutive wins. However, if you lose a round, you should return to your original wager amount and begin the process again. For example, suppose you place an initial bet of $10 and you win. In that case, you should double your stake in the next round and bet $20. If you win with your second wager, you double your bet again to $40 on the next round. However, if you lose on the third round, you should return to your original betting amount and start over with a $10 bet. Alternatively, if you win your third bet, the Paroli system recommends cashing out your profits and starting over with a $10 wager since you have now won three rounds in a row.


Although this betting system is commonly used in roulette, the Martingale approach can also be applied to a live Bac Bo baccarat game since it’s easy to understand and implement. This negative progression system recommends increasing your bet amount after every loss. For instance, suppose you start by placing a betting unit of 10 US dollars, and your wager loses. In that case, you should double the size of your next stake to USD 20. The primary objective of this betting system is that if you double your stake each time you lose, you’ll cover all of your previous losses in one betting unit whenever you win. Nevertheless, choosing how many sessions you’d like to have before implementing this betting approach is best, as it will help you split your account balance accordingly. Thus, you avoid running out of cash before getting a win.


Like Martingale, this betting system was initially devised for the roulette game. Nevertheless, the Fibonacci strategy can also be applied to Bac Bo baccarat. The system primarily focuses on Banker bets and follows a series of betting values in each game round. When implementing this approach, it’s advisable to set yourself a minimum betting amount and, whenever you win, move one step on the sequence. If you lose a round, you should return to the first step of the series and start over. Generally, this betting system is based on the Fibonacci sequence of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, and so on. For instance, suppose you’re using the Fibonacci system and set a minimum stake value of $10, and you win. In that case, your second wager should be $10. Moreover, if you win on your second bet, you should place a $20 bet and continue with the same sequence until you lose. If you lose on your 8th bet with a $210 bet, you should start over with a $10 bet and repeat the sequence until your next losing round.


This betting system adheres to a similar setup as the Fibonacci strategy but recommends increasing the number of chips in play instead of the base bet amount, i.e., when applying the 1-3-2-6 system, you set a chip size that serves as your base wager, and after each successful hand, you follow the pattern and add chips as per the sequence. If you win all four rounds consecutively, you’ll have made a profit of 12 betting units, and you should reset and start over. For instance, suppose you choose one chip with an initial bet of $10 and win. In that case, you should pick three chips each with a $10 bet on the next round. If you get a winning streak and reach the last stage in the series, you should place six chips of $10 wagers. In case of a win, you should reset the sequence and return to your initial betting approach of a $10 chip.


Evolution’s Bac Bo baccarat is a must-play if you enjoy the thrill of dice games, live dealer baccarat, and massive payouts. Although it’s a recent release, the game has gained significant popularity among live casino players due to its straightforward rules and simple gameplay, making it an ideal choice for both novices and high-roller players. Luckily, the game is fully optimised for mobile gameplay. Therefore, you can access the Bac Bo live game through your preferred desktop or mobile casino and experience the excitement from the comfort of your home. Evolution’s Bac Bo is a medium volatility game with a low house edge and a 98.87% RTP percentage. Furthermore, with a clear grasp of the rules and gameplay, you can receive massive payouts of up to 88x your bet amount. Nevertheless, Bac Bo baccarat outcomes are unpredictable and winning is based on luck.

This review has highlighted some relevant information, including defining Bac Bo baccarat, the game rules and gameplay, its user interface, and payouts. In addition, this article has provided tips on improving your winning odds when playing live dealer Bac Bo baccarat and the most popular Bac Bo betting strategies.

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