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🎰 Software: Vivo Gaming
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €1 - €500
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Spanish
💬 Live Chat: yes
🌎 Studio Location: Costa Rica
🎲 Game type: Table game, Baccarat

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Live Baccarat by Vivo Gaming will appeal to many baccarat fans since the game features many side bets that add fun and diversity to the gameplay. Given that the betting time is as high as 25 seconds and there are house rules viewable from within the gaming screen, this live baccarat will be great for novices who want to gain practice.

Baccarat rules and side bets

Along with regular wagers on the Player, Banker and Tie, a user may place one or more side bets that pay out regardless of whether you win on the regular wager or not. A brief description of the side bets is provided under the Rules button on the gaming screen.

  • Banker/Player Pair (pays 11 to 1). The side bet wins if the first two cards on the Banker’s or Player’s hand respectively constitute a pair of the same ranks with different suits, e.g., 5D + 5C
  • Either Pair (5:1). This is the same as above but wins if either hand constitutes a pair
  • Perfect Pair (20:1). This wins if either hand forms a suited pair, e.g. 5D + 5D
  • Big (0.54:1)/Small (1.5:1). You win a corresponding bet if the total number of cards dealt to the Player and Banker will be 4 (Small) or 5-6 (Big) at the end of the round
  • Player/Banker Dragon Bonus. The payouts in this side bet depend on the difference of the final scores between the winning and losing hands. For example, if the Player’s hand totals 8 and the Banker’s hand has 2 points, you win 4 to 1, provided you have placed your bet on the Player Bonus spot. The highest payout for the side bet is 30:1, for a nine-point difference.

Users may keep track of the game history with the help of five scoreboards that display the outcomes of all rounds within the current shoe that contains 8 card decks.

Video and audio

The developer states the stream comes in high-definition quality, though it does not look so. Anyway, the video feed is good, with no interruptions, stuttering and other issues. By clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon, you can zoom the screen in or out. Besides, you can maximize the game to a full-screen mode and minimize it back at any time. Audio options are volume control and sound muting.

Other features

  • a chat box for getting in touch with the dealer
  • the Report Issue feature for contacting support agents
  • Limits menu that displays minimum and maximum limits for different bet types
  • the Auto Confirm Bet option
  • the House Rules section

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