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Monopoly live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €0.1 - €2500
🤵 Dealers Language: Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Latvia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium
🎲 Game type: Casino Show

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Monopoly live Casino Show by evolution Review

Among live dealer games from Evolution Gaming, there is an unusual live show which definitely deserves your attention. It’s Monopoly Live, where you bet on numbers of the lucky wheel or wait for the bonus round where Mr Monopoly, a cartoon character, walks on the gaming board to buy varied companies on his way and get multipliers of up to 10,000x. The game was released in 2019, has an RTP of 96.23%, and is available on mobile at top online casinos. Since it’s a real dealer game, players need to sign up and deposit to place bets, though watching the gameplay is free and helpful to understand the game’s mechanics. On this page, you’ll access a comprehensive casino Monopoly Live review explaining available currencies, betting options, basic rules, multipliers gamblers can get, and other essential details players need to consider to play Monopoly Live for real money.

Monopoly Live: a brief overview

This game is streamed from an engaging live studio with thematic animation effects. The wheel of fortune is located in the middle of the room, where the dealer spins it before each new round. The sectors on the wheel include numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, which have corresponding multipliers of 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x. Besides, there are 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls sectors designed for the bonus game, and a Chance sector.

You place chips of the value you want to spend on the table above these chips and wait for the end of the round to find out whether you win anything. Thanks to Monopoly Live stats, players can track the previous results and find out how often the bonus games or other results took place. This way, players can communicate with the dealer and enjoy the unusual variation of the live table game in the form of a live show.

Monopoly Live casino studio details

Players watch Monopoly Live from a live studio with engaging decorations and the equipment involved in the gameplay. The wheel of fortune is the main tool of the game, so it’s based in the middle of the studio. The dealer’s stand on the right is decorated with dice symbols. However, the dealer keeps on walking across the studio and spins the wheel to start each round. On the left, you can see Mr Monopoly, a cartoon character sitting in the armchair. Animation behind the studio conveys the atmosphere of a big city, so you can see skyscrapers and zeppelins in the background. This zeppelin is displayed before the bonus game to show the dice roll and determine the number of steps for Mr Monopoly.

What a user can see on the Monopoly Live screen

To get familiar with the game, you should consider its layout, characteristics, and basic rules. The Monopoly Live game is powered by a live dealer, which makes it impossible to play for free. However, the demonstrative mode allows registered players to watch the gameplay and understand how to play it. The aspects that influence your real money bets are your balance, the betting positions and their payouts, the ways to place a bet, previous winners, statistics, game history, and the betting limits set for certain currencies.

Current winners

After each round, you’ll see the Monopoly Live results, including the total won amount and the number of winners. The top payouts are displayed above. After the bonus round, the total winning amount is much above average since players collect extra multipliers of up to 10,000x.

The wheel segments

The Monopoly Live casino wheel contains segments players bet on. In total, there are 54 segments with both numbers and sections for bonus rounds. The 48 segments are numbers 1 (22 white segments), 2 (15 green segments), 5 (7 pink segments), and 10 (4 blue segments), paying corresponding multipliers of 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x. As for the bonus segments, they are 3 ‘2 Rolls’, 1 ‘4 Roll’, and 2 ‘Chance’ sectors. Since there are 22 white segments paying 1:1 compared to 15, 7, or 4 other options, obviously, 1 is the most common winning number. That’s why it pays only 1:1, while other positions pay more or even activate bonus rounds. Players can bet on several positions at once.

Betting limits

Compared to standard online casino slots, Monopoly Live real money bets are much higher. However, it’s hard to say that they are exactly for high rollers since Evolution has games with at least 4x larger bets per round (eg. Lightning Roulette). The betting limits accepted for your currency will be displayed in the left upper corner. When your currency is different, the limits can vary not according to the exchange rate but according to the game’s settings for this currency. For USD, EUR, and GBP, Monopoly Live betting limits are $0.10 to $2500, €0.10 to €2500, and £0.10 to £2500.

Balance, chips, and the betting table

When you enter the game, your balance is displayed below on the left. The next icon shows the total bet, which consists of the sum of the values of all the chips you placed on the betting table. Conveniently, you won’t see chips with a value that exceeds your balance. Once the total bet reaches the maximum limit, you’ll see a message notifying you that you’ve placed the maximum available bet according to your balance. When the round is over, the total win is displayed in this window instead. When the bets are accepted, you see the range of chips of certain values you can place on any of the 6 betting positions:

  • Betting on 1 (pays 1x)
  • Betting on 2 (pays 2x)
  • Betting on 5 (pays 5x)
  • Betting on 10 (pays 10x)
  • Betting on 2 Rolls bonus game
  • Betting on 4 Rolls bonus game

When you’ve picked a chip of a certain value, there is a Bet on All option so that this chip will be placed on all the 6 possible betting positions. There are 12 seconds to place a bet. Once the time is over, the game begins. However, before the round starts, you can adjust the total bet via the Repeat, Double, and Undo buttons. 

By pushing Repeat, you simply place the same bets you did during the previous round. Please note that the option is available only until you place the first chip in the new round. The Double button is available after you’ve placed the bet and want to multiply it by 2x. The option won’t work when your total balance isn’t enough to cover the value of all the bets. By clicking/tapping the Undo button, you can repeatedly remove the chips step by step. When you want to completely clear the betting table and remove all the chips, simply hold the Undo button for a few seconds.

Game history

Due to the Monopoly live history widget above on the right, you can track your bets, losses, and wins, which is helpful to understand how the game works and to manage the bankroll accordingly. Moreover, this option contributes to responsible gambling behaviour since you can analyse how much you’ve lost or won in total. The table you open by pushing the History icon displays the date, game, bet, and win or loss amounts (positive or negative numbers) of each round. Besides, there is a total calculation for a certain period.

Monopoly Live tracker: statistics

Since online casinos always offer games of chance, you should play responsibly and remember about potential risks. But it’s worth viewing statistical details to understand what winning positions are more frequent and how often players can experience bonus rounds. Still, this data shows the previous experience, and it doesn’t mean that this pattern will work in further cases, but statistical data can be helpful for some strategies. Conveniently, the last 24 results are displayed on the right. When you switch the view mode or push the Statistics button below on the right, there are 49 latest results for the deeper analysis. Here, you can see the winning numbers, a question mark showing the Chance segments, and bonus rounds for either 2 or 4 rolls.

Interface & navigation

Besides the basic betting icons, the Live Monopoly casino game has some more widgets to simplify navigation and let players learn the gameplay better. These are a chat field, an opportunity to switch the view, sound effects, video quality settings, a help guide, and an opportunity to open the full-screen mode.


Though online casino players can’t be in the live studio to talk to the dealer, they can communicate with the game host via live chat. Moreover, the messages are available for all the other players, so you can communicate with everyone playing Monopoly Live for real money at the moment. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to send your message when you have no balance and haven’t placed a bet, so the option is for registered real money players. The Chat button enlarges or closes the chat window. Plus, the window can be resized or moved anywhere on the screen. There are certain things prohibited when using the chat, among others, abusing the game host or other players and sending links to other resources will lead to the ban, so the chat option will be disabled for your account.

Switch view

Initially, the main screen is occupied by the studio stream, where you see the wheel, the dealer, Mr Monopoly, and the game’s decorations. The betting icons are based below, so the focus is on the gameplay rather than the betting table. However, when you push the video camera widget above on the right, the view fully changes so that you can see a small screen with the stream and a larger section for placing your bets. The chat displays more messages, while the section with the latest outcomes displays more last win numbers (64 instead of 21) to let players analyse the previous rounds in detail. To switch between these view modes, just push the button again.

Sound effects

When you want to fully turn off the sound, just push the volume button in the rightmost corner above. Besides, this section has a slider to regulate the sound according to your preferences.


To change more details during your gameplay, push the settings button from the upper menu. The General section allows players to hide other players’ chats to display only personal messages. The next section regulates video settings where gamblers can either pick the ‘Auto Adjust’ option or switch between high and medium graphics quality levels. The last section regulates sound effects in detail. Here, you can not only modify the volume but also deal with studio sounds and game effects to set them separately.

How-to-play Monopoly Live guide

This option is extremely helpful for newbies and those who want to find out all the details about the game. It’s a full how-to-play Monopoly casino live guide explaining all the navigation widgets, payouts, and other aspects. You can open it by pushing the question mark button on the right. It’s available even in the free Monopoly Live mode, so you just open the game in the demo mode and read the rules. Among the most helpful blocks of the guide, players can explore the following:

  • Game objective
  • Game rules
  • Payouts
  • Return to player
  • Disconnection policy
  • Multi-game play
  • Settings

Shortcut keys

When having a long Monopoly Live gaming session, you may need to simplify navigation by using shortcut keys. This way, you can navigate via your keyboard rather than click on standard buttons to activate some options:

  • Number keys
    Via the numbers on the keyboard, you can choose chips to place a bet. The concept is that number 1 activates the leftmost chip, number 2 is connected with the next chip, and so on.
  • Spacebar
    The button allows players to repeat the most recent bet. Besides, you can press it a second time to increase the current bet by 2x.
  • Undo buttons
    By pushing CTRL Z, CMD Z, Delete, or Backspace, you can undo the last bet. If holding it for 3 seconds, all the chips will be removed from the betting field. 
  • ESC
    When you play in full-screen mode, the button is used to exit it. Besides, players use it to close pop-up windows, such as Help or Settings.

Responsible gambling option

At some casinos, you’ll find the exclamation mark sign above on the right. This icon is for the responsible gambling page of your online casino. In most cases, players can get useful information about safe gaming or change certain casino settings to set deposit limits or limitations for the game session. Please note that the option isn’t available in all cases, so it may be absent on your casino site.

Monopoly Live by Evolution: autoplay

This option is convenient for a long gaming session when you’ve selected a certain bet and want to stick to this strategy. That’s why players may opt for the Autoplay mode picking from 5 to 100 rounds. First, you need to place the chips on the positions you want to bet on. Then, find the Autoplay widget below on the right and pick the number of rounds you want to activate (5, 10, 25, 50, or 100). Below each of these windows, you see the total bet required for the determined range of rounds. 

The bet per single round is displayed above. When automatic rounds begin, you see the current number of rounds left and can push ‘Stop’ to exit the autoplay mode before all the determined rounds have been played. By clicking ‘Repeat’, you can activate the same range of automatic rounds again. When you change your bet with an active autoplay mode by placing more chips or doubling up, the popped-up message will inform you that the autoplay session stops if you continue.

Lobby and the +Table feature

One more interesting thing about Live Monopoly, as well as about other Evolution Gaming titles, is that gamblers can play several live games from the vendor simultaneously. You don’t need to open a new browser window yourself or find any other way to do this. The game has a special option right for this case. The ‘+Table’ button below on the right allows players to choose another game to be added to the screen and played at the same time. You can activate up to 4 tables, place bets in all these games, and change the settings for each table separately. 

The current balance is displayed according to the bets, wins, and losses at all these games. The ‘Lobby’ button has a similar function since it displays what other Evolution games are available. Conveniently, when you choose a table, there are some filters, including categories and betting limits. Besides, you can find sub-categories when choosing a particular game type. These are the most popular categories and games to add to your Monopoly Live table:


The filters include Native Dealer and Salon Prive types, as well as $0.50 to $5, $10 to $50, and $100+ betting limits. Exclusive BJ and Lightning Blackjack and among the favourites.


Here, there are more categories, so players can choose New, Native Dealer, Speed, Auto, Land-Based, and Salon Prive types. For example, Live European Roulette and Lightning Roulette.

Game Shows

This section doesn’t have extra categories, but its games are really attractive. Players can launch Mega Bola Da Sorte, Monopoly Big Baller, Crazy Coin Flip, and others.


The categories available here are Hot Roads, New, Speed, No Commission, and Salon Prive. Peek Baccarat, Fan Tan, Speed Baccarat, and others can be added to your Monopoly Live table.

How to play Monopoly Live: step by step guide

Since it’s a live dealer game, you can play it only for real money, though the demo version is suitable to watch the gameplay and test the live show. However, once you’ve signed up and deposited, follow this guide to play Monopoly Live at an online casino:

  1. When you enter the game for the first time, the game prompts you to choose a screen name (4 to 15 characters) to identify you in the chat
  2. Once in the game, you can click on a chip of a certain value and then place it on a table position you want to bet on (you can choose several different bets)
  3. The option isn’t available when the bets are closed (during a current round), and once the round is over, there are 12 seconds to place bets
  4. You don’t need to press the start button since the game is played in real time and begins automatically
  5. The dealer spins the wheel, and once it stops, the position where the flapper stops is winning and you get paid accordingly
  6. If you bet on bonus sectors and the flapper stops there, you get into the bonus game and get wins, while players who didn’t place this bet type just watch the gameplay

The timer showing when you can place bets displays both the seconds left before the round begins and the colour to help players understand how much time they have left. They are green, yellow, and red. The red colour indicates that the bets are closed and you won’t see the chips so as not to get confused.

Betting options in Monopoly Live

You can bet on 1, 2, 5, or 10 positions, getting corresponding multipliers if the answer is right. The ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’ options allow players to enter the bonus game with the corresponding number of rolls (plus, you get an extra roll due to the Doubles option).

Chance sector

You can’t place a bet on the Chance sector, but this segment is present on the wheel, and if the flapper points on it, players are given a card with a certain cash prize or a multiplier. In the case of the cash prize, the bet is returned on top of the winnings. If it’s a multiplier, the dealer spins the wheel again, and if you win a new multiplier (eg. you bet on 10 and get a 10x multiplier), these rates are multiplied by each other. For example, you place a $50 bet on sector 10, get a Chance which gives an 8x multiplier, and the flapper stops on 10 the next round. This means that you multiply $50 by 8x and 10x and get $4000 as winning from the $50 bet.

Bonus game

Besides the main game with multipliers and the Chance option, live casino Monopoly offers a cool bonus game. To participate in this round, you need to bet on ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’ positions and wait for the flapper to stop on the bonus sector. When this happens, the game’s interface changes since the Mr Monopoly character stands up and transfers players to the virtual metropolis based on the Monopoly board game. If you haven’t been betting on bonus positions, you will watch the gameplay yet won’t get multipliers from this round.

Depending on the bet you’ve placed, you can be involved in the round with two or four dice rolls. A cartoon zeppelin with a pair of dice flies up and the dice determine the number of the character’s steps on the board. In the case of the double (eg. 5 and 5 on the dice), you get these steps and get an extra dice roll to continue playing and collect more multipliers (except for the case when you need doubles to get out of jail). The 3D monopoly board has a regular board game layout with the following sectors:

  • Properties
  • Utilities
  • Free Parking
  • Railways
  • Taxes
  • Jail/Go to Jail
  • Chance/Community Chest
  • GO

Once the character has walked all the steps, the bonus game is over, the bonus winnings are paid according to the collected multipliers, and you return to the base game.

Live Monopoly 3D board positions

When the number of steps is determined, Mr Monopoly walks this distance on the board. Once he stops, you either get a corresponding multiplier or activate any other feature, such as the Income Tax reducing your bonus amount. Properties, Utilities, Railways, and Parking have attached multipliers you get once Mr Monopoly stands on that sector. Houses and hotels can be built on some properties to increase the prize. When passing the GO sector, all the further multipliers are doubled.

When Mr Monopoly stands on the ‘Go to Jail’ sector, the bonus winnings remain, but to get out of jail and continue playing, you need to roll out doubles (the same numbers of the pair of dice). In this case, the doubles won’t give you an extra dice roll. The Chance or Community Chest sector gives either a random cash prize or a fee. The Income Tax and Supertax positions decrease the winnings by 10% or 20% respectively. However, you won’t lose more than the bonus amount (your balance won’t be affected).

Monopoly Live Payouts

The return-to-player Monopoly Live score varies depending on the position you bet on since the wheel doesn’t have an equal number of sectors of each type. Less profitable positions are more frequent, while the desired ‘4 Rolls’ bonus game sector is present on the wheel only once.

  • Number 1 – 22 segments, 1:1, 40.74% probability
  • Number 2 – 15 segments, 2:1, 27.78% probability
  • Number 5 – 7 segments, 5:1, 12.96% probability
  • Number 10 – 4 segments, 10:1, 7.41% probability
  • Chance – 2 segments, random cash prize/multiplier, 3.70% probability
  • 2 Rolls – 3 sectors, bonus game, 5.55% probability
  • 4 Rolls – 1 sector, bonus game, 1.86% probability

The game also has a determined max win per round. The Evolution provider sets this limit at €/$500,000 (please note that the max win for other currencies may be different and should be checked in the game’s rules) or 10,000x.

Monopoly Live RTP

The optimal Monopoly Live RTP stands at 96.23%. However, depending on your bet types, the percentage varies since the risks may be higher or lower, while the payouts may be smaller or larger:

  • Bet on number 1 – 92.88%
  • Bet on number 2 – 96.23%
  • Bet on number 5 – 91.30%
  • Bet on number 10 – 96.02%
  • 2 Rolls – 93.90%
  • 4 Rolls – 93.67%

Optimally, betting on sector 2 seems to be the best position since the RTP here is the most attractive, while number 5 has the lowest payout rate. However, you shouldn’t avoid the bets with a lower potential payout score since these calculations are provided in the long run, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to bet, for example, $10 on sector 5 and get paid $50 accordingly.

Live casino Monopoly: mobile gameplay

According to the needs of players, Monopoly Live casinos online are mobile-friendly, as well as the game itself. When you enter an online casino on your iOS or Android mobile device, it’s enough to visit the casino site, sign up, deposit, and enjoy the gameplay on a smaller screen. The mobile version won’t be different from the desktop gameplay since you get all the same options and navigation widgets. The graphics and the quality of the Monopoly Live stream adjust accordingly, so the game isn’t traffic-consuming. As a result, you can easily play Monopoly Live on mobile at any location and round the clock.

Aspects to consider

When playing Monopoly Live for real money, you should keep in mind some technical issues in case of facing problems with disconnection or other aspects. Evolution guarantees fair gameplay and provides corresponding tools to implement this.

Error handling

In case of technical problems entailing an error in the game, the round may be temporarily paused. If the game host can solve it during the round, the game may continue. However, when it’s impossible to resolve the issue instantly, the game round is cancelled, players are notified accordingly, and the initial bets for this round are refunded to all players.

Disconnection policy

When the disconnection happens not on the casino’s or game’s side after you’ve placed a bet, this bet remains valid, and the round continues even in your absence. In case of a winning outcome, the winning funds are added to your balance. When reconnected, you can open the History section to track the outcome and current calculations.

Game number

In the rightmost upper corner, you can see the game number like this #21:10:10 reflecting the time when the round began (in terms of GMT, hour: minute: second). It’s required when you contact the customer team with issues of any kind. To save this detail, you can either remember the number or take a screenshot.

Tips & strategies to play Monopoly Live

You should keep in mind that gambling is risky and non-predictable, but choosing an online casino Monopoly Live strategy and tips may help you manage the bankroll and understand the gameplay better.

Monopoly Live strategy by probability

The probability of certain outcomes is a very average score. Yet, it can let you understand why some wins are more frequent than others and what conclusion to draw from this:

  • Since sector 2 has the highest RTP yet quite a low 2x multiplier, it’s a good option for less risky players who won’t get bored of similar bets during the monotonous round
  • You shouldn’t exclude sector 10 from your strategy since its RTP is also high due to the 10x winning potential
  • Players can combine betting on positions 1 and 2 to get a quite high winning probability of 68%+ 
  • Relying on the probability percentage, you can get a bonus game in every 13th round (7.41% probability) and get a feature in every 9th round (11.11% probability)
  • Due to the 1.86% probability percentage, the ‘4 Rolls’ bonus game is an exception rather than a bet for your basic strategy

Other tips to play casino Monopoly Live

Besides strategies, you should consider Monopoly Live tips for online casino players. They won’t be extraordinary secrets to cheat or overcome the house edge, but you can use them to have a longer and safer gaming session:

  • Don’t chase the losses
    It’s a typical tip in terms of the responsible gambling approach. However, you should use it regularly not to place extra bets on, for example, bonus games to try to chase the losses in the main game.
  • Track the game’s statistics
    The Monopoly Live tracker displaying the previous outcomes may show how the game works in the long run. However, it doesn’t mean that, for example, you won’t get a bonus round if it’s been triggered a few rounds ago.
  • Get online casino bonuses
    Promotions for live table games are extremely rare, but when your online casino offers such a bonus, you can activate it if the wagering conditions don’t seem to be too restricting.
  • Try out the free version
    The Monopoly Live demo mode is a good opportunity to watch the gameplay. Yes, you won’t be able to place a bet and test the game, but you will be able to analyse the statistics and see how it works in general.

Monopoly Live game awards

Evolution Gaming is an award-winning casino provider known for its ultimate live dealer online casino games. Monopoly Live has also been recognised by loads of players, as well as by the participants of the gambling industry thematic events. The game boasts Game of the Year at the EGR Operator Awards 2019 and Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year 2020.

About Evolution: provider review & other top live shows

Due to the ‘+ Table’ feature, you can enjoy several Evolution Gaming casino games at once. And the provider has a range of other cool live shows players can enjoy for the vibrant graphics and nice payout mechanics.

  • Crazy Time
    Like Monopoly Live, this game is based on the wheel of fortune with 1, 2, 5, and 10 winning sectors, as well as bonuses. Crazy Time won’t offer you a bonus round with a 3D map, but its Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time extra features make the gameplay just as stunning.
  • Extra Chilli Epic Spins
    This new live dealer casino game was launched in 2023. It’s based on the renowned Extra Chilli slot from Big Time Gaming. The game host streams the gameplay from a studio with corresponding decorations, slot reels, and the equipment for Pinata and Gamble Wheels bonus rounds.
  • Monopoly Big Baller
    Being similar to the Monopoly Live game in terms of the plot, Monopoly Big Baller has quite different mechanics. It’s a bingo-style game where you form combinations on bingo tickets. However, a cartoon character also walks the 3D board in the bonus round to collect multipliers.
  • Dream Catcher
    Some mechanics of this live dealer game are similar to Monopoly Live since you’ll also see the wheel of fortune and a similar layout to place bets. Yet, this game has no vibrant bonuses, so you bet on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40 to get corresponding payouts (eg. 40:1) and can only get 2x and 7x extra multipliers on the wheel.
  • Crazy Coin Flip
    This unique format combines RNG slot mechanics with the vibrant live show. The three gameplay elements are the qualifying slot, the against-the-clock Top-Up slot, and the live Coin Flip bonus round. As a result, players can grab a huge multiplier once the flipped coin reveals the winning side.

Why play Monopoly Live game by Evolution?

You will like Monopoly Live by Evolution when you are an online casino player fond of innovative gambling solutions and tired of typical classic games. The company of a live dealer makes the gameplay realistic, while the presence of the cartoon character makes it less boring and more exciting. The betting range could be higher (compared to the maximum limit of $10,000 per round on Lightning Roulette), but $2500 is still max larger than most slots can offer. The minimum bet of $0.10 makes the game accessible since such limits will let you have 100 rounds at the lowest stake, even when making the minimum deposit of $10. Besides, the game’s vibes of a well-known board game will combine gambling solutions with the elements of an exciting table game.

Summary to Monopoly Live casino game

When you want to try out high-quality table games with a twist, Evolution Gaming is the right provider. And its Monopoly Live casino game is an example of an easy-to-play yet packed with features live dealer title. Its main advantages include a cool idea, stunning realisation in terms of graphics and sound effects, and a wide betting range suitable for both low-rollers and players who want to reach the bonus game and the maximum 10,000x multiplier. The bonus game is worth a special mention thanks to the cool idea, the unique cartoon world, and the lavish multipliers Mr Monopoly collects on his way. You can test Monopoly Live for free to watch this excitement or sign up and deposit to place your bets and get wins.

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