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Live Baccarat Microgaming
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Live Baccarat Microgaming Details

  • Software: Microgaming
  • Play on Mobile: No
  • Bet Limits: €10 - €300
  • Dealers Language: English
  • Live Chat: No
  • Studio Location: Canada
  • Regulation: Malta Gaming Authority

Live Baccarat Microgaming Review

Live Baccarat by Microgaming is a multi-player game played with 8 card decks. Featuring different side bets and excellent visuals, the game is run by attractive, professionally trained dealers.

Live baccarat rules and side bets

The game follows the classic baccarat rules whereby you may place a Player, Banker and/or Tie bet. If you placed a Banker bet and win, you are paid 1:1 less a five-percent commission. The winning Tie bet pays 8:1. Alongside the normal wagers, you may optionally make any of the following side bets:

  • Player/Banker Pair. You are qualified for an extra payout of 11:1 if you have placed a respective side bet and the Player or Banker’s hand is comprised of cards of the same denomination
  • Player Bonus. This side bet wins if the Player’s hand will be of a higher value than the Banker hand. The payout depends on the point margin between the two hands. For example, the Player’s hand scores 8 and Banker has 2 points. In this case, the Player wins by six points and is paid at 4:1 odds
  • Banker Bonus. The same as above but the bonus hand is Banker.

The developer provides a link to the Live Games Help database that opens in a new browser window. The Help Center holds much useful information about baccarat rules, payouts, options and more.

Game statistics

The game history is presented in the form of five classic scoreboards that indicate the results for each round in the current set of cards. The game history resets to zero after the shoe is complete and a new shuffle is done.

Video, audio and other features

Video is of high-definition quality. Players are allowed to switch between views, maximize video to full screen and even turn video off. Furthermore, there are options to adjust video quality choosing between Low, Standard and High Definition. Alternatively, you can select an Auto option for automatic adjustment of the stream quality. Audio options include sound muting, volume control for music and sound effects, and switching dealer voice on/off. Live Baccarat by Microgaming features automatic voice prompts announcing when the betting time begins and ends.

This live baccarat has an Autobet feature enabling a player to customize bet and stop settings in order to automatically play the game for the entered quantity of rounds. There is also a feature allowing to automatically confirm all bets placed on the table without having to press the Confirm button after each chip placement.

When playing a live baccarat table, you may choose to join another table without exiting the current game. The Microgaming platform provides the functionality for playing at multiple tables simultaneously. Depending on the live casino you are in, the multiple tables are displayed in separate windows or in a single browser window.

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