Blackjack Live Dealer Games

The idea of live blackjack is to replicate the thrill and excitement of a brick-and-mortar casino and make a user feel as if sitting at a real blackjack table without actually leaving home or any other place. Blackjack tables are physically hosted at a studio designed and decorated like a real-life casino, and the game is shot with a number of webcams in real time. Developers usually provide users with the option to change the camera view and show the table from different angles to create a more engaging and realistic experience.

How to play online live blackjack

After launching your preferred blackjack game at a live casino lobby, you will see a real human dealer, a table, a button panel and various indicators that inform you on specific gaming aspects. The user interface and studio ambience vary widely depending on the selected platform and game variant but the key principle is the same: there is a dealer and you sitting opposite the dealer. The object of the game is the same for all blackjack games: you need to outscore the dealer without going bust.

To start placing bets you should take a vacant seat; alternatively you may choose to bet behind other players if the game of your choice has this feature. At the beginning of every round, the dealer deals cards to himself, you and other seated players, and your betting decisions will depend on the cards you have received and the game rules. You have to wait for other players before your turn arrives and then make a decision of whether to stand, hit, split or double down. In some variants, for example, in Common Draw Blackjack from NetEnt, you do not have to wait for your turn because the dealer deals the same cards for all seated players.

Players can interact with the dealer and their peers at the table by sending shared messages via a chat function. Trying to be helpful, live blackjack dealers normally respond to player’s messages addressed to the dealer. Anyway, nearly all blackjack games have built-in rules that are easily accessible from the gaming screen. Table limits are not uniform across live dealer platforms; they may start at $1 and reach $1000, $2000 and even $5000 per round. The game currency may be changed if your chosen platform has this option; for example, a user playing blackjack in Canada may find it more convenient to place bets in Canadian dollars.

Live blackjack variants

The fundamental aim of blackjack is identical regardless of the game variant: you need to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Nearly all the developers of online live blackjack reviewed here provide house rules that familiarize players with miscellaneous gaming aspects, including the dealer’s strategy.

Blackjack may be played with 1 to 8 decks consisting of 52 cards each. Minor rule variations affect the player’s return to some extent and change the basic strategy that should be applied to make optimal betting decisions. For example, player’s odds are increased by 0.48% if a single-deck variant is played and decreased by 0.18% if the player is allowed to double down on 10 and 11 only. All this is to illustrate that players should read the rules to make right betting decisions in any given game.

The best live blackjack games reviewed on this website feature in-depth gaming statistics enabling you to make a more informed decision when selecting a table or placing a bet. If you feel like entertaining, try a unique Blackjack Party (Evolution Gaming), which is hosted by two dealers at a time. If you a high roller, then look no further than live blackjack by NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, with the maximum limit of $5000 per round.

The standard 7-Seat Blackjack produced by Extreme Gaming, NetEnt, Vivo Gaming and other companies is one of the most popular live dealer games worldwide. A good point is that you are not supposed to wait until a vacant seat is available because many blackjack games have the Bet Behind feature enabling every user to place a bet behind any seated player.

Some blackjack solutions, e.g. from Evolution Gaming and Extreme Gaming, have side bets that add diversity to the gameplay and allow to win more than you would get for a 21-score blackjack hand. The Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets that are placed optionally regardless of the main bet amount can bring you a win of 100 to 1.

Cross-platform compatibility of live blackjack

Most live dealer platforms are supported by major mobile devices and operating systems, enabling you to play on the go, at any time and place. In mobile versions of blackjack, you enjoy the same casino thrill as playing on desktop, with the same UI buttons for standing, hitting and other actions. As a general rule, mobile blackjack comes in a no-download, instant-play version that is accessible via a browser.

In many cases, the video quality and navigation are a bit worse in mobile games as compared to their PC equivalents. However, many providers channel efforts to improve the gaming experience of mobile users. Some major providers, like XProGaming and Vivo Gaming, release their live dealer games for Android devices only