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Spin a Win
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Spin a Win live Casino Show by playtech Details

🎰 Software: Playtech
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €1 - €5000
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Latvia, Romania, Philippines
🎲 Game type: Casino Show
💵 RTP: 97.22%

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Spin a Win live Casino Show by playtech Review

Playtech has been a gambling pioneer involved in the development of varied gambling products, including not only slots and traditional table games but also more unusual variations like live shows. One such game is Spin a Win, a simple yet engaging live dealer show based on the wheel of fortune and winning positions of this wheel players can bet on. Though the gameplay is pretty simple and the title doesn’t feature unusual bonus mechanics, the presence of the game host and attractive multipliers on the wheel sectors make the title worth it. On this page, you’ll find a comprehensive Spin a Win live casino game review highlighting the basic rules of this real dealer game, betting options, payouts, and other features gamblers should consider!

Spin a Win live casino game: basic details

Spin a Win by Playtech is a live dealer show where players try to guess what position of the wheel of fortune will be a winning one to get corresponding multipliers. There are 53 segments in total, including numbers and multipliers. Since some numbers like 1 and 2 are more frequent, their value is lower, while the 40-number sector with a 40:1 payout is available on the wheel only once, which makes it so valuable. Once the bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel, and when it stops, you can see whether your bet worked. Unlike other similar games, this one lacks bonus rounds, but this will be suitable for those who are tired of overwhelming gameplay features. Please note that it’s a real money game, and you need to sign up and deposit to play Spin a Win online casino game.

Live Spin a Win game interface

Since the game has quite simple mechanics and features, it makes the interface understandable and straightforward. You won’t be distracted by unnecessary details and simply place bets and watch the gameplay instead. The dealer is streaming the gameplay in real time from a professional studio, while all the betting options and information about your balance and bets are below the screen.

Game studio

Spin a Win game is based on a real-time stream from a professionally equipped studio. It’s a dark room with colourful lightning effects and the wheel itself in the middle of the room. The dealer not only spins this wheel when the round begins but also announces winning positions and communicates with players to keep everyone entertained. Sound effects during the gameplay are somewhat primitive, but you can still enjoy the unobtrusive music in the background and sound effects when the wheel stops and the dealer announces the winning results.

Navigation tools

Due to the simple yet understandable interface, live Spin a Win game navigation is understandable so that even newbies who haven’t played live software before can easily get started. While the middle part of the gaming screen is dedicated to the wheel and the dealer, the section below the wheel is a menu where you place bets and get information regarding your balance and bet. The buttons to undo an action or to double the initial bet (2x) are in the middle. 


Live dealer games are designed to make the gameplay realistic, and one of the main elements to keep players engaged is communication with live dealers. Players can find the chat widget above on the right. Type in your message, and it will be visible to the dealer and all the other players. Optionally, the dealer can answer your questions. However, the chat is moderated, and abusive messages of any kind are prohibited, so players who violate this rule can be banned. Besides, it’s worth noting that the option is available only after registration and when you have enough funds to place a bet.

Video performance

Spin a Win live stream is available continuously, so you just enter the game and wait for the moment when the bets are accepted. Since the game isn’t overloaded with unnecessary features and complicated visual elements, the streams are pleasant to the eye yet smooth on varied gadgets, including desktops and mobile devices. Even when your internet connection is weak, it won’t be a problem to enjoy the gameplay due to the top-notch optimisation.

Spin a Win betting tools

In order to spin a wheel to win prizes in this online casino game, you need to have a registered account with real money on it. To get started, you open the game and use its tools to track your balance and gaming history, as well as place real money bets. All you need to place a bit is displayed on the screen, so the betting process is very straightforward.

Wheel segments

In total, the wheel has 53 segments, and you can bet on any of them. These are 6 types of sectors with numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40) and 2 sectors with multipliers (2x and 7x). The number of sectors of each type present on the wheel is very different, which influences the further payouts and the winning frequency:

  • Number 1 – 23 sectors, 1:1 (even money bets)
  • Number 2 – 15 sectors, 2:1
  • Number 5 – 7 sectors, 5:1
  • Number 10 – 3 sectors, 10:1
  • Number 20 – 2 sectors, 20:1
  • Number 40 – 1 sector, 40:1

Additional betting options include odd/even and multiplier bets, so you should consider that the Spin a Win game wheel has 30 odd numbers, 21 even numbers, and 2 multiplier positions.

Balance & betting limits

In the leftmost corner below, you’ll see your current balance. The current bet is displayed in the next position, and the widget for winnings is next to it. In the right corner, you can see the chips of certain values you click on to place them on the betting positions of the table. A bit higher, you’ll see a betting table with the positions to bet on. The line of numbers under the table displays the latest winning outcomes of the previous rounds. The betting limits are displayed above on the left, and they may be different depending on your currency. For example, the limits for GBP are £0.1 to £1000 per round.

Chips & betting table

The chips are placed on the right and correspond to the currency of your balance. You use them as a tool to determine the bets on certain positions. The betting table has 6 standard positions (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40) and 3 side bets (even, odd, multiplier). The number positions pay accordingly (eg. 40:1), while the side bets have 1.25x (even), 0.75x (odd), and 25x (multiplier) values. When you’ve put chips of certain values on the betting positions, they are all counted, and you see the total bet below on the left. When you want to remove the last placed chip, push the blue undo button. You can repeat it several times.

How to play Spin a Win casino game

To play the Spin a Win casino online game by Playtech, you need to sign up and deposit since real dealer games can’t be played for free. However, the Spin a Win demo mode is available to watch the gameplay and understand some basic things about the title. Once you’ve deposited and entered the game on desktop or mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Think of the bet you want to place per round, including the real money amount and the positions to bet on
  2. Then, click on the chips of the value you need and put them on the necessary positions of the betting table
  3. When the timer is over and the bets are closed, the round automatically begins, and the dealer spins the wheel
  4. You wait for the wheel to stop to determine the winning sectors, and if you win, the prize amount is displayed on the screen and added to your balance
  5. If the flapper stops on multiplier sectors, the dealer spins the wheel again, and if the next position is winning, the multiplier is applied to this winning

Basic bets

Though Spin a Win isn’t rich in betting variations as, for example, Lightning Roulette, its betting table is still divided into standard and side bets. The standard bets are the 6 colourful positions of numbers. You can either stick to a single bet or place chips on several positions:

  • 1 – 1x the bet
  • 2 – 2x the bet
  • 5 – 5x the bet
  • 10 – 10x the bet
  • 20 – 20x the bet
  • 40 – 40x the bet

According to this, you can choose a gameplay strategy relying on your bankroll and gambling style. Bets on 1 and 2 provide more casual gameplay since these sectors are the most frequent on the wheel, so you will win often. However, 1x and 2x multipliers aren’t the highest in the game. And high-rollers can try riskier yet more rewarding bets on 40 since the 40x potential is really worth it, especially when you manage to get an extra multiplier of 2x or 7x to increase this win accordingly.

Side bets

Next to the colourful betting table positions with numbers, you’ll see three positions for side bets which can offer both small and large multipliers, depending on your bet and preferences:

  • Even – 1.25x
  • Odd – 0.75x
  • Multiplier – 25x

As you can see, betting on even numbers seems to be more attractive than on odd ones due to a quite good multiplier of 1.25x. It’s explained by the fact that the wheel has 30 odd and only 21 even numbers, so the less frequent they are, the more desired. Since the 0.75x multiplier makes you lose some money even when the flapper lands on this position (eg. you’ll get $7.5 from the $10 bet), betting on odds should be considered as a part of a larger betting strategy rather than a separate bet. As well as the bets on a multiplier since such positions are rare and risky, though the 25x reward sounds good.


Interestingly, the Spin a Win game wheel has not only numbers but also two multipliers worth 2x and 7x. When the flapper stops on either position, this doesn’t mean your bet is multiplied this way. This multiplier is considered for the next round, and the dealer spins the wheel again. When the flapper determines the winning position, that multiplier is applied to increase the winning accordingly. For example, when you bet $10 on number 2 and the wheel showed a 7x multiplier and the 2 winning position, then you win $140 ($10 * 2x * 7x).

When you’ve placed the side bet on the multiplier, this outcome will bring you 25x your stake, but the multiplier won’t work in this case since the active multiplier doesn’t apply to side bets and can increase only standard bets (numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40). When you manage to get several multipliers in a row, their values are multiplied by each other, and the total amount will be applied to the winning position then.

RTP on Spin a Win by Playtech

When estimating your winning chances and planning your strategy, it’s worth considering Playtech live Spin a Win RTP. This rate is determined in the long run, so it’s impossible to say that you definitely get, for example, $95.34 out of $100 when the RTP is 95.34%, and that’s the concept of gambling when you can win a lot from a single bet or, vice versa, lose a large bet. In the case of the Spin a Win RTP, it varies from 90.67% to 97.22% since some positions of the wheel are more beneficial than others. As a result, the potential RTP for each betting option looks like this:

  • Number 1 – 95.34%  
  • Number 2 – 95.51%
  • Number 5 – 91.22% to 91.24%
  • Number 10 – 96.55% to 96.58%
  • Number 20 – 92.67% to 92.74%
  • Number 40 – 90.67% to 90.81%
  • Odd – 97.22%
  • Even – 91.67%
  • Multiplier – 96.30%

According to this, the highest rate is provided when betting on odd numbers, but you should be careful with this bet since its multiplier is only 0.75x, so it can be used only when combined with other bets as a part of your betting strategy. The lowest RTP is provided for betting on number 40, and it’s also explained by the configuration of the wheel. There is only one sector 40, so its true odds are 53:1 (53 segments and only 1 chance to hit sector 40).

Spin a Win mobile gameplay

Players can easily access Live dealers Spin a Win on mobile since it’s optimised for any portable gadget with access to the internet. You can use your smartphone or tablet to log in, deposit, and place real money bets on certain wheel segments. Regardless of whether it’s iOS or Android, the game will provide the same features you find on a desktop. The rules, graphics, and other aspects are the same, while the browser version covers all the needs of mobile players, and you don’t need to download additional software to play Spin a Win by Playtech on mobile.

Playtech Live Spin a Win Strategy

It’s impossible to hack online casino games or find guides which guarantee winnings due to the house edge, which is present on any gambling site and in any game, even the one with the highest RTP. That’s why you can count only on your luck when placing real money bets. However, a good Spin a Win strategy can help you manage your bankroll, understand how to combine bets and analyse the previously played rounds.

Low-risk Spin a Win strategy

In this case, you need to opt for everything with quite average payouts since the risks in such cases are also minimised. Bets on numbers 1 and 2 sound good, as well as even or odd side bets. These can be either separate bets or combinations of several betting options with a similar risk level. Let’s take a look at an example when you have a $10 bankroll per spin and want to place several bets as a combination:

  • $5 on number 1, $3 on number 2, $1 on odd positions, and $1 on even positions
  • $4 on number 1, $4 on number 2, $1 on odd positions, and $1 on even positions
  • $5 on number 1, $4 on number 2, $1 on number 5
  • $6 on number 1, $4 on even positions
  • $6 on number 2, $4 on odd positions

Medium-risk Spin a Win strategy

When you aren’t interested in easy-to-get yet the lowest payouts of the game, it’s worth paying attention to somewhat riskier bets with potential rewards a bit higher. In this case, it’s worth adding more beneficial bets to your strategy, including sectors 5, 10, and even 20. Combining them with low-risk bets is a good idea when you want to stick to a medium-risk Spin a Win Live strategy. Below, you’ll find several betting variations for $10 per round:

  • $3 on number 1, $5 on number 5, $2 on even positions  
  • $3 on number 2, $5 on number 10, $2 on odd positions
  • $2 on number 5, $5 on number 10, $3 on number 20
  • $3 on number 1, $5 on number 2, $2 on number 20
  • $5 on number 20, $5 on odd positions

High-risk Spin a Win strategy

When interested in how to Win a Spin wheel live by Playtech, high rollers and online casino gamblers who are into riskier strategies with a larger potential should pay attention to high-volatility betting options, which provide the largest rewards. Of course, you can still combine them with moderate bets not to take too high risks and spread your bankroll accordingly. When playing at $10 per spin, you can choose the following sets of real money bets:

  • $2 on number 10, $5 on number 20, $3 on number 40
  • $4 on number 20, $4 on number 40, $2 on odd positions 
  • $2 on number 2, $4 on number 10, $2 on number 40, $2 on odd positions 
  • $5 on number 40, $5 on a multiplier
  • $1 on number 1, $1 on number 2, $1 on number 5, $1 on number 10, $1 on number 20, $2 on number 40, $1 on odd positions, $1 on even positions, $1 on a multiplier

Betting systems

As well as strategies, betting systems are designed to help players manage their bankroll and track the outcomes in the long run, so you shouldn’t have high expectations for this option. However, some online casino players use betting systems in gambling when having long gaming sessions. The most popular ones are Martingale, Fibonacci, and d’Alembert systems.

  • Martingale
    This strategy requires players to double up the bet size after each non-winning round. Its main concept is to compensate for the losses with the potential larger win. Please note that they suit even money bets, so in the case of the Spin a Win game, the method is helpful when betting on sector 1.
  • Fibonacci
    Here, you also increase the bet after each round you lose, but you increase it according to the sequence based on the sum of the values of the preceding two bets. An example of the Fibonacci betting system is 0-1-1-2-3-5-8, and so on. When you win, you decrease the bet size according to the same sequence.
  • d’Alembert
    This method is also compatible with even money bets. You need to determine a unit which will either increase (when winning) or decrease (when losing) your bet accordingly. For example, this unit is 4 and you play at $10. If you lose, add 4 + 10 and keep on playing at $14. If you lose again, the next bet is $18.

About Playtech

Playtech is one of the oldest gambling providers established in 1999 in Tartu, Estonia. Today, it’s involved in the development of loads of online casino products, including not only games but also management solutions for other providers and operators. Its offices are located in 17 countries, while 140+ global licences allow the brand to operate in 20+ jurisdictions. The software is all mobile-friendly and focused on players with different preferences, so the portfolio of 600+ titles has numerous slots like Captain America and great live dealer games like Diamond French Roulette Live and Age of the Gods Roulette Live.

Other wheel of fortune live shows 

Frankly, Spin a Win by Playtech has quite primitive mechanics when it comes to live shows where you spin the wheel to win a prize. But it will be unfair to blame Playtech since this type is quite popular, and providers like Evolution also offer similar games. For example, Dream Catcher. When you are looking for more outpacing mechanics and extra bonus features, online casinos can offer some more options. These are the top-5 popular live games with a wheel of fortune you can try out.

Dream Catcher

As well as Spin a Win, this online casino live show by Evolution is based on a similar wheel of fortune with the same sectors and corresponding payouts for sectors 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. It also has 2x and 7x multipliers, but the main difference is that Dream Catcher doesn’t feature side bets, so you have fewer options to prepare a gambling strategy since you can bet only on these 6 positions.

Monopoly Live

This live show by Evolution has more diversified features since, in addition to the basic wheel, the game has a bonus round with a 3D character walking on a board and collecting multipliers. The Monopoly Live sectors with numbers have only 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x multipliers, but you can come across the Chance sector, which can give a random multiplier or cash, as well as two variations of a bonus game.

Crazy Time

The Crazy Time live show by Evolution also has advanced mechanics with loads of betting options. The number sectors to bet on are 1, 2, 5, and 10. When the main money wheel spins, the Top Slot also spins and can provide a multiplier or a bonus game. The bonus features are Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. The latter is a round with a wheel where the flapper determines the winning multiplier and a max win of 20,000x.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Playtech launched this vibrant online casino live game in 2021. Initially, Adventures Beyond Wonderland still has the basic wheel of fortune concept, but the fairy-tale theme and corresponding elements make the game more unusual. The wheel has 1, 2, 5, and 10 sectors. Bonus rounds are WonderSpins, The Magic Dice, Mystery Bonus, and two types of multipliers (The Card Soldiers Mystery Multiplier and The Caterpillar Mystery Multiplier).

Money Drop Live

Though the Money Drop Live game by Playtech is also based on the money wheel, its concept is very unusual. This game makes players keep their rewards rather than just earn them. This live online casino game has a wheel featuring 54 fields (51 multipliers and three Card Clash sectors) and 4 Drop Zones. The prize you win on the wheel is distributed between these zones and you earn the amount left after the drop stage.

Re-skins for the Spin a Win game

Interestingly, Playtech provides thematic re-skins for this live game to make the gameplay more unusual and meet the preferences of more players. These are Spin a Win Wild and Spin A Win Halloween. Age of the Gods Spin A Win also has several mechanics, but it differs not only with the theme but also with the presence of a bonus game and progressive jackpots. 

Tips to play Spin a Win live

Since gambling is unpredictable and risky, you won’t find winning guides or something of this kind. However, you can find some casino Spin a Win tips to make the gaming process straightforward and safe:

  • Choose decent online casinos
    Pick a licensed online casino that has Spin a Win by Playtech and offers good conditions, including nice payout limits and the absence of fees.
  • Plan your bets based on the bankroll
    When your bankroll is small, don’t plan your strategy relying on bets like sector 40. Try something less risky to have a longer gaming session.
  • Don’t rely on side bets only
    Side bets like betting on multipliers (25x) have a promising winning potential, but you should realise the higher risks taken when placing only these bets. 
  • Play responsibly
    It’s a basic tip for all gambling activities, so remember to wisely plan your bankroll and set both deposit and loss limits for yourself.

Who will like to play Spin a Win by Playtech

Spin a Win live dealer online game has popular elements of live shows, though it’s not as bonus-packed as, for example, Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland. Thus, the game will be enjoyed by newbies who want to get familiar with live shows yet don’t want to get confused with loads of additional features. Besides, players who want to enjoy the classic money wheel concept will also like Spin a Win. Of course, players searching for more excitement and bonus features can choose alternative games like Monopoly Live.

Summary to Spin a Win Live Casino Game

Playtech did a great job when working on its live dealer portfolio. Spin a Win is one of its games which combines simplicity and attractive multipliers. You won’t experience mini-games and bonus rounds here, which may be disappointing for some players, but you also won’t get confused with loads of additional options and elements on the screen. It’s enough to choose the sectors to bet on, place chips on the betting table, and wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. When it stops, you either get an extra multiplier and a re-spin or see a winning number and check whether your bet has worked. That’s why the best online casinos often have Spin a Win by Playtech where you can apply strategies for different risk levels or simply rely on your luck.

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